Friday, March 06, 2009


This entry is self explanatory. It is also my
sarcastic opinion.... and direct quotes.

Tricia Griffiths of Websleuths and Forums for Justice

There's no scandal at Websleuths! Everything is fine.
I've banned the convicted sexual offender. See! All
gone! Case closed. Now go away and discuss it somewhere
else! I'm busy counting my clicks. No! you can't discuss
it here. It's old news. (Patsy's sarcastic take on TG)

Tricia "We try to keep Websleuths personal and personable.
You can always contact a mod or myself with a question, with
an idea, with a suggestion. We will never be too big to ignore
our great posters."

But if you disagree with Tricia, or ask a question about a subject
they do not wish to answer, you can find yourself timed out or
banned. They're "great" posters until she bans them.

"Their place is a very low class and childish forum."

"All this stupid childish behavior is caused by two different
groups made up of people I have banned at WS and have now
joined together. That's it. They violated our TOS and I banned
them and now they are behaving like a mob. These people
remind me of the jerks who screamed at African Americans when
they were first bused to white schools in the 1950's.. Remember
those pictures? This group is made up of the same mentality.
Ignorant, Dumb, and loud."

A mob Tricia? Since when is a person part of a "mob" when
they read or join at another site? They're exercising their
freedom of expression and choice, and that burns your ass.

"All because I banned them. And the kicker is many of them

claim to be "good Christians," Wonder what their church
friends would think of their little Internet outings."

Veiled threats Tricia? How noble of you.

"Little snot nosed fake Christians."

"It's interesting how brave these people are when they don't
have to use their real names. I am sure their employers, family
and other normal friends would be horrified to see what they
are doing. So, they hide. Hide behind made up names. Cowards
always hide."

Planning on contacting any of those employers, family
and friends Tricia? You are well aware of a person who publicly
said those very same things and are well aware of the aftermath.

Threats against members or former members can backfire as you
well know.

" Every once in a while you have to deal with sewage that leaks
from the large crack of humanity."

"LTWH is a legitimate organization. This non-profit has not been
soliciting money."

"Christina with her Lighting The Way Home non profit and all of
us at WS."

*There is no non-profit status documentation of Lighting the Way
Home in the state of Georgia. Sean Krause at the Daily BS did
research into LTWH.

Tricia "The good news, we have everyone's real name and contact

Yes, and when they leave WS that information should be deleted and
not held as a weapon over their heads as you are doing.

"Their big claim is we are somehow fudging the numbers to make our
membership number look higher. They claim (and this is total libel)
that we are doing this to get more advertisers. This is too funny because
we can't do this. Advertisers don't care how many members we have. I
love having a lot of members don't get me wrong. But, when it comes to
advertising what matters is how many people are READING at the forum.
There are companies that track these things. We can find out how many
people stop and read by going to websites that log this info. THAT IS

WHAT MATTERS when it comes to advertisers. There is no way for us to
"fake" these numbers and we certainly wouldn't even if we could."

Oh, really. Then why are you so all about clicks?
And I've been reading that there are ways that it can be done
and the assistance of your tech savvy moderator, it's likely it
has been done, otherwise you wouldn't have your panties in
such a twist.

"More than once lately I have been tempted to put up a page in place of
the Caylee forum that says, " ENOUGH!!! CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE OF THE
"Of course I thought better of it cause my clicks would go WAY
down!! "

Games? Such as allowing posters to "dig" into people's personal and
financial backgrounds and plaster it, even though they may be totally
innocent bystanders at the periphery of the Caylee Anthony case;
to allow them to villify those involved, in particular the

To encourage some to insert themselves into the active investigation
by using WS to make allegations against the Caylee Anthony Trust
Fund? Only to find out that LE investigated and there was NO WRONG
DOING? Then you wiped out all discussion of it.

Games like that?

Games like posting a former member's personal contact info on your
front page?

"Fpr $50.00 Advertise Your Business On Websleuths For The
*The business does not need to be your own. You can offer your

"signature" to anyone else as long as the business is approved first.
*If you want your business advertised on more than one signature,
contact your friends on the board and see if you can put your
business in their signature. Whatever deal you work out between
you and the other poster is your business. Each signature will still
cost $50.00. "


"These people are hampering our efforts to help. And if you happen
to hang with these people you are just as bad. Anyone who is friends
with these people on the other forums, even if you don't participate,
you are just as bad. Why? Because you sit on your "innocnet" @SS
and do nothing. No comment. No, "that's terrible." You ignore that
fact that your friends are wicked.

Efforts to help do what and to help whom?
WS is a message board,a true crime forum to discuss what's
happening in a particular case. It's not an investigative
arm of LE or the FBI.

Granted some of the current and former WS members have
done things that you had no part in that helped people.
But you, you ban family members of real crime victims,
denying them a voice.

You encourage the purchase of WS T-shirts so that members can
advertise WS while on searches. How does that help anyone but

By posting on these forums you are helping legitimize their behavior.
And you make me as sick as your friends. If you wonder "Is she talking
about me?" YES. If you know these people and particiapte in discussion

with them I am talking about you. "

Way to go Tricia! Everyone is guilty by association in your eyes.
That attitude ought to bring you new members flooding in!

"Last summer there was an organized effort, by a group of long time
posters, to try and disrupt Websleuths. It was startling how much
effort they put into trying to fool us into thinking they were good
posters while at the same time they were causing trouble for the sake
of causing trouble. We are now hyper alert to these signs of people
starting trouble where we never were before.

I won't go into the details of what happened because it doesn't matter.
Those posters are gone thank God (even though they hate us they still
try and sneak in. It's so childish) but we learned a very valuable lesson."

Some of them disagreed with you and that got up your nose so you
banned them, and others who you felt were "guilty by association."

"We don't to give anyone a big explanation as to why they were banned."

If a person believes they were banned in error you should.

But of course, she reserves the right to label you a "hacker," claim in
error, that you posted with more than one nic, boot you because you
have aol or yahoo for an email addy, refer to you as nasty names and
make veiled threats, threaten you with "lawyers"and also, to post your
personal information onto the front page if she chooses.

Please use caution when signing up to any site that requires your
personal information and a static ip - such as Websleuths.


SemperFi66 said...

Thank you for this site!
This is so true. Most all members there seem to revolve in "cliques" as if they were sitting at high school tables.
If your view differs from theirs, they will badger you and personally attack you.
I have seen posters make fun of victims of homicides and the mods nor Trisha Griffin do anything about it.
There have been numerous cases of people getting banned for no reason at all aside from a mod or Trisha didn't like them.
They have a running TRUTH in jest about keeping their trolls in the basement. However the trolls aren't only in the basement, they are all over that site.
It's disgusting, a pathetic disgrace to victims' families.
Their members have tampered in criminal cases when they should have stayed out of Police business.

Trisha does a crappy job covering up that she didn't know her good friend and former mod was a sex offender of children.

The whole site reeks, so does Trisha, she is a rat who smells out money and wants to capitalize off of people's tragedies and misfortunes on her site.

SemperFi66 said...

Several years back Trisha and her grunt crew of mods made a "sweep" of all these members they did not like, claiming conspiracy.
It would be great to see these people sue Trisha for slander.
Trisha rudely publically stated one was a "Lush".
Now they claimed these individuals didn't care about the victims.
Truth be told, Trisha could care less about the victims as long as she has those greenbacks in her bank account.
I refused to be part of her problem long ago. It's one of the most corrupt sites out there.
Trisha is delusional with grandiose a sense of power that she really doesn't have.

It's only a matter of time before her site gets shut down do to copyright infringements and it's member meddling in active police cases. Many seem to think they are real LE. Others run around all different threads just to get their post count up, posting nonsense, having no idea of the case and expecting people to fill them in.

Anonymous said...

Trisha and the gal running this one... must be related to each other or they are sharing tactics with each other. They both think they are the Holy Mother of forums. Both of them have nothing better in their lives but to sit in front of a computer every waking minute. LOL

Anonymous said...

This site is lowest of low. That's all I will say. Pity, preying on the targeted victims. Sooooo Sad.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Tricia and her "gang" don't give a darn about JonBenet Ramsey or anyone else for that matter. They exist to vilify the late Patsy Ramsey, who I believe was entirely innocent. Patsy Ramsey was one of the most defiled victims in history.

Now Tricia is trying to "rile everyone up" with news of "new news." LOL Everyone has been down that road with Tricia before. She says this "truth" will be revealed "soon" and "shortly" and "before the end of the year." Well, 2012 is half over and guess what? That's right. Nothing. And what news will we have by the time 2013 rolls around? That's right. None. Tricia is not only dictatorial in the way she runs her "board," she is immoral and unethical as well. Just my opinion of course. LOL

Anonymous said...

This site should not be named websleuths. It has a police state mentality and is really quite laughable. This Tricia woman is a joke.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you please help me get my info OFF of Websleuths, yep, another victim...

They have THOUSANDS of members listed who NEVER visit yet they keep them listed, guess it pads ole Tricia's pockets with the advertisers.

Sick site... Anyone with anyway to unenroll, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

To get your information off WS you will need to intercept the database and manually remove it. I suggest to wipe out her entire domain. If she has a backup of the site or backups with her web host company (most do) you are screwed. If you want I will make a youtube video and show you how to hack it step by step. You will need certain settings to get around network monitoring tools her web host company has. If you are a non-hacker and not the hacker type the easiest way to take her out is to distribute a DDOS attack and bury the web host company with malware. They will pull her site until she fixes it. That will take her offline temporarily and when she gets back online nail her again with another DDOS attack. After enough DDOS attacks the web host company will finally throw it's hands up and say go some where else lady.

Anonymous said...

Tricia Arrington Griffith made a blog on this part time hacker. I found her out, ripped the blog down, have all the DNS logs accept ISP logs. Can I sue if so who do I contact? She has harassed me for the last eight years. I have the misfortune of living in the same area Tricia Arrington Griffith lives. She lives in Wanship, Utah. My offer above still stands. If you want me to make a video and youtube it that will show you how to hack her site I will do it. You need to be some what computer savvy because you will need "certain" settings even a couple of programs to do the job right. If anyone reads this, Let me know how to contact you.

Anonymous said...

Tricia Griffith (Websleuths) is one of the biggest trolls, cyberbully/stalker of all time. I have defended her for years and now I know the truth because she's doing the same thing she has done to many to me. I am done with Websleuths.

murtwitnessone said...

I have been getting a lot of messages lately that Terri Stipp is still on Websleuths under a new username. As of yet I cannot find out what that name is. Also, there is an Atlanta based blog that is going out of it's way to see to it that the new breakaway blog, fails. It is doing just the opposite and seems to be thriving quite well. I suggest people check it out. It is an open and refreshing change and alternative to what used to be a good website.


Anonymous said...

What's up with TG's photoshopped pictures of herself?

Anonymous said...

Websleuths could have been a good platform for finding missing people , or intelligent true crime discussion. But they have become a complete joke , they drive the intelligent people away and keeping the crazies.

Ask anybody about Websleuths and they just laugh ... and call it the ridiculous social media police and press complain about

Anonymous said...

Agreed to all of the above.She is a bully,and picks and chooses her battles and who she bans.or reprimands them like they are small children.i was a huge contributor,plenty of research and I offered alot of useful info.i got a,"timeout",and am cut off from the,I'm taking my info elsewhere.and theres no way to remove myself from WS.