Sunday, June 19, 2011

Animals having a bad day

A friend told me how their day had gone -

First, she had trouble getting out of bed...

During morning exercises she pulled a muscle...

Okay, more than one muscle...

Ended up with a stiff neck as well!

Work totally sucked.

She kept forgetting where she put things...

Her diet isn't going so well-

And lunch upset her stomach.

To top it all off, she got caught in the rain

going home!

She'd made plans to go out for the evening,

but felt trapped -

Because unexpected guests came over!

When the doorbell rang again, she hid until

whoever it was went away.

She went on a bender at her favorite

hangout, and paid for it in the middle

of the night. (She blames it on "coming

down with the flu")

Gee, and I thought I had a bad day!!!

RELAX! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cute Pet tricks

Photos & Captions:

He's behind me......

Let's see you top this!